We help students gain admissions into their top-choice colleges after they have been deferred, waitlisted or rejected!

Admissions to Ivy League and highly selective colleges is a competitive sport.  By using our cutting-edge knowledge, insider perspective and experience, we help our clients WIN, rather than settle!  Our clients are WINNERS in the admissions game.  Don't you want to be a WINNER? 

Just because you paid a deposit to your safety school or second-choice or that you are currently a student there doesn't mean that you have to graduate from it.  Transfer to your first choice school!  You deserve a UPGRADECollege Transfer Admissions Advisors  | Transfer To Ivy Leagues |  Our acceptance list

Our clients are  HAPPY  because they have been accepted to the following schools.   Don't you want to be HAPPY  too?

Taking your chances by doing everything on your own, using just a guidance counselor and/or hiring an inexperienced independent educational consultant and then hoping for the best DID NOT WORK - That's why you need to  contact us  and/or fill out our  contact form.

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Our results speak to our success!  Our impressive  acceptance rate this year in 2016.   We are so confident with our results and you should be too.  We target the elite U.S. private schools, Ivy League and highly selective universities, medical, graduate and law schools for our clients.  Didn't  you want the best results?

"Year after year, I hear the horror stories from parents whose kids got in nowhere because they thought the college admissions race was just about grades, SAT scores, their perceived  'unique' applications, generic essays and perfect connections." - Dr. Paul Lowe

"Year after year, I see what happens when students (and their parents) make choices and decisions without the benefit of an experienced admissions advisor." - Dr. Paul Lowe