We work with former admissions officers and understand the process of rejecting students and what they look for in placing students folders in the rejection pile.  Admissions officers review your folder with a magnifying glass and compare you to other qualified applicants.

Admissions Committees from a college can reject an entire high school, students from a specific region, students who have similar "rejectable " profiles or students who sound exactly alike on paper!

We Know What You Don't Know!

College Application Rejected was founded to help students who have been deferred, waitlisted or rejected from their first choice colleges.  We help students get into the colleges where they were deferred, waitlisted or rejected by our SECOND CHANCE PROGRAMS!

We also partner withIvy League Admissions Advisors and College Transfer Admissions Advisors.  Our clients never settled for less!  You shouldn't .  See our acceptance list.

College Application Rejected Gamble loss

Year after year, thousands of top qualified students are rejected from their top-choice colleges.

Why are students rejected?

1.They are betting that old ways still work.

2. They are betting that last years steps will work today.

3. They assume that their applications are unique and amazing.

4. They read the same books, visit the same websites, take advice from college website forums and listen to inexperienced consultants.

5. They don't understand how to stand out.

6. They assume that guidance counselors are experienced admissions experts

7.  They don't understand how admissions officers use the holistic approach and review process in admitting applicants.

8.They make a lot of assumptions based on misinformation.

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