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"Year after year, I hear the horror stories from parents whose kids got in nowhere because they thought the college admissions race was just about grades, SAT scores, their perceived  'unique' applications generic essays and perfect connections," - Dr. Paul Lowe

College Application Rejected Results

Parents call us because they want a  SECOND CHANCE for their children.

"If you are willing to pay $50,000 per year or more for your child's college education, it's prudent to invest in services to assure that your child is accepted into his or her top-choice college."- Dr. Paul Lowe

Everyone deserves a second chance. This time hire an expert!

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We offer our Assurance Admissions Program  to qualified students.    

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College application rejected college admissions advisory services

Dr. Lowe specializes in helping students get into their top choice schools through our SECOND CHANCE program  - Off Waitlist and/or reapplication and transfer admissions.

I  Post-decision admissions advisory services for the following:

  • Deferral
  • Waitlisted
  • Rejections

Continuous Comprehensive Counseling:  Our comprehensive services involves office, in-home or Skype consultations:

  • College application profile assessment:  What went wrong?  Where were errors made?
  • Evaluation of old applications, essays, transcripts, and extracirricular activities.
  • Review of current coursework, transcript, and extracirricular activities.
  • Admissions planning during the remaining freshman college year (If transfer)
  • Development of a strategic post-decision admissions plan for Ivy League and highly selective schools.
  • Advising and development of all academic and extracurricular programs appropriate to transfer.
  • Assistance with preparation of all college applications and essays. Proof final versions prior to submission.
  • Letters of recommendation selection and review of recommendations for consideration.
  • Guidance and oversight of all written and oral communication to colleges.
  • WOW FACTOR planning – Development of strategies to assist the student in standing out.
  • Interview preparation and development for college interviews through mock interview sessions.
  • Preparation for visits to schools.
  • Practice interviewing skills before campus visits.
  • Advocacy/liaison and advocacy support with admissions officers/personnel at colleges, college professors, department heads, where appropriate.  
  • Continuous support and consultation throughout the process. Weekly and monthly ongoing home, office or Skype consultations 
  • Unlimited. phone, Skype, fax and e-mail (in the case of the Continuous Comprehensive Service). 

For this exclusive service, we engage our Ivy League Student and Alumni Networks, our knowledge/intelligence based affiliates, and our wealth of extensive contacts and personal connections.